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Blueprint Promotions was founded in 2012 by born and raised Capetonian, Brent Rudolph. Brent comes from a long family history within the clothing trade that dates back to 1985.  With almost two decades of hands-on experience in brand marketing, branding and clothing manufacturing, Blueprint Promotions was born to provide a personalized and a specialized approach to promotional branded products.  


Fast-forward to 2023. Blueprint Promotions has a fully-fledged branding area in Maitland with our own vinyl, screen and embroidery  equipment. This gives us the unique flexibility to deliver projects with tight deadlines.

Our passionate team cares about your branding project. If we have to, we will move Table Mountain for you, to ensure your brand is authentic, memorable and, delivered ON TIME. ​ Whether you are a start-up or established corporation, our extensive product and service portfolio has your brand covered. We guarantee a fresh approach with innovative ideas that will elevate your brand and business to the next level.

I don't just print t-shirts I build brands. Lets work together to achieve your brand objectives and send the right message to your target audience - Brent Rudolph 

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