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Is it AUGUST already?

Wow can you believe it we have pasted the half way mark for 2022 and Blueprint Promotions is still alive and kicking the door down.

This year has been quite a roller-coaster for small businesses and I've had my fair share of ups and downs but as always I have managed to navigate the downs and capitalize on the ups.

In my last blog post I gave a short overview of where Blueprint Promotions was at with a few milestones along the way. One huge milestone was definitely the embroidery machine. I have been hard at work perfecting my craft in embroidery and have had some great results with clothing and headwear embroidery.

Check out one of my top ranking videos on my YOUTUBE channel for a closer look at my progress. Had a lot of fun with these 3D embroidered caps. These caps were for a young brand in Cape Town which I'm looking forward to keep working with.

Well as I mentioned us small businesses have really had some ups and downs this year but I'm so grateful that the events ban has been lifted and the mask mandate has been dropped. It is such a joy to finally walk around without a mask and enjoy speaking to people without wondering if that's a real smile or just a eye twitch..

Since we got back to "normal" I have definitely see a big change in our economy. People aren't so scared to spend money on marketing and promotional products. It has been such a relief to have a more steady amount of work coming in again.

As the work load increases and I move closer to those new goals and objectives for the business I am still very cautious with my spending. Lets just say we not out the woods yet.

So with that in mind I had another big decision to make to the end of February. I decided that having the showroom in Woodstock was one of those financial decisions that had to be made. Having all the branding equipment here I was finding that I really wasn't using the showroom as much as I thought and it would be far better me giving up the dream of having a showroom/shop for now until I can stabilize a better work flow and increase my monthly turnover.

Go check up the video on my YouTube channel. This was my last video I posted in that stream of videos for the Woodstock office space. It was a great almost two years and I wont forget my time in Woodstock. You never know maybe ill be back again some day.

Well that was end February and we are now in mid August and so much has gone on since then. If I had to go through each milestone we will be here all day :)

One very special moment happened in March this year I will share with you all then ill leave you to get on with your day.

On the 14th of March 2022 we welcomed a new addition to our family. Her name is Sumer-Lee Rudolph.

Sumer-Lee is such a blessing and has really changed the dynamic of our house. So blessed and thankful for her in our lives.

I must also say my wife has been amazing. Sumer-lee is our third child together and Lauren is doing so well with all our little ones. While Dad is at work the family is at play :)

Well guys that's me for today.. Don't forget to check out my last Facebook and Instagram post. I'm running a small competition till Friday.

Till next time stay safe and stay branded


Brent Rudolph

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