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My first embroidery order with the Ricoma PV 1501

Last week I released another episode of "Car session" had lots of fun documenting my very first embroidery order on the PV1501. Since I got the machine I have been non stop sampling and getting my head around embroidery.

To the end of January I had an enquiry for a bunch golfer shirts, t-shirts and caps. The golfer shirts needed embroidery and I thought this was my chance to get my first order done. To be super honest I was a bit nervous to personally do the order as there are a lot of technical things you have to know to run an embroidery order. I thought maybe I needed more time to run samples but as you know I put aside the nerves and went straight in.

Over the 25th to 28th of January I completed my very first order. It was great to get my first order over and done with. If you would like to view the full process be sure to go over to my Youtube channel and check out the video. Click the link attached the main picture above.

If you would like more info on how you can get your own embroidered clothing or headwear. Head over to the contact page and contact me today!!

Below is a picture of my logo on a 5 panel snapback. Looking amazing!!

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