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Steadily progressing - New milestones

Over the past two months I have has some great progression and hit two milestones that had to be documented. First was the golfer shirt order I ran to the end of January. The golfers had a left chest and arm embroidery positioning. I did blog about it and did a full length YouTube video on the order. If you would like to check it out. Please check out the first blog there is a link to the video.

Next milestone came a few weeks back were I did my very first full length cap embroidery order. This was a small run of 25 navy blue curve peak brush cotton cap. They were going to a group of supporters for a kids hockey team. If you want to check the full Video click on the picture above which has a direct link to the video.

As I hit these milestones and keep working on my craft the more comfortable I get with the machine and the better my results.

I'm really looking forward to pushing myself by using the machine for other products not just clothing and headwear. There are endless possibilities when it comes to embroidery and I'm super excited to start broadening my scope by introducing other items into the mix of products I can do.

If you need branded clothing or headwear be sure to go straight over to the contact page for all my details. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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