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What happening in the life of Blueprint Promotions, looking back and looking forward.

2021 was one of those years where all you want is it to end.

Now I can’t say I wasn't one of those people. If it wasn't the covid restrictions on the events it was the riots that completely rocked our economy, and when I say rocks I don’t mean in a good way. For me and Blueprint Promotions it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Backing up slightly into 2020.

I moved into a very nice little office space in Woodstock which is

a stock room for a larger CMT factory upstairs from me.

I was blessed to get an opportunity to use this room at a very low cost which has really helped over the last year and a half.

I moved into 409 Albert Street in October 2020 with a lot of confusion regarding the state of our economy but never any confusion on my plan for Blueprint Promotions and my dedication to this company.

Already looking forward and keeping instep with my plan I set my next goal to get a single colour screen printing press.

So to the end of 2020 that’s what I got. Even though I scraped that 4k together I got it and moved into 2021 with an in-house screen printing press.

Very excited for 2021 and all the new possibilities that the screen press could bring - I embarked on becoming a screen printer.

Since 2012 and beginning of my journey with Blueprint promotions I had always functioned as a third party reseller. Running around our trade sourcing wholesale products and using branders to complete the branding process.

Around mid 2016 I got my first vinyl cutter and flat heat press which allowed me to offer vinyl cut transfer prints to t-shirts, golfer shirts and many more clothing items.

This was the start to understanding how profitable it was to be the source when it came to branded items. This gave me a new drive and direction for the company.

During the four years between 2016 and 2020 I was able to add another heat press which was specific to headwear vinyl press work. This opened another door to branding my own headwear and expanding my in-house branding facilities. In 2019 I got a new vinyl cutter which I still use today.

The expansion of my in-house branding services has not stopped, I guess the bug bit me hard. End 2021 I approached a potential investor with the idea to invest in an embroidery machine for the company. Over a period of three months sourcing embroidery machine suppliers and weighing up the pros and cons of several options, the investor and I decided on the Ricoma PV1501 embroidery machine.

This has been such a blessing to the company as I now can offer a full in-house branded product and truly maximize the hands on approach that I have been striving to create.

It has also allowed me to be much more competitive in the market when it comes to turn around time, product costs and meeting client’s deadlines.

Since 2019 and the new vinyl cutter to screen printing press and now the embroidery machine in 2021 - I have been truly blessed to keep moving forward to the overall company goals and objectives.

Even with the economies ups and downs, I have not stopped pushing forward to reach those next business millstones. I can say, I am not there yet but I’m very grateful to still be making those incremental steps forward to reach my goals.

At the moment I have set up my branding area in my home garage and will be working out of here till further notice. The idea is to keep my expenses down as much as possible and use what I have till I can afford to move into bigger premises.

I have learn from others that expanding to quickly can be your downfall and I’m not in the business of downfalls.

I have kept the Woodstock office which I will be transforming into a showroom and eventually a shop.

I would just like to end off the blog by thanking all the loyal clients that have supported me over this 9/10 year period. It is extremely overwhelming to think that there are companies still purchasing from Blueprint Promotions that started doing business with me in 2012/13 - when Blueprint Promotions began.

My goal has always been to offer a quality branded product with a personal approach. That thankfully has not changed!!

Keep in touch for more updates via my bog or if you would like to follow my journey a little closer be sure to follow me on social media. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Kind Regards

Brent Rudolph

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