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Welcome to the newest blog post by Brent Rudolph

This months product promotion is our warm polar fleece blankets.

The month of April is normally the time when things start to get a bit chilly. This is a perfect time to use the season change to promote your business with our special branded polar fleece blanket.

Blankets are an absolute winner for product promotions over the winter time. Blankets are a well used product which means more brand visibility for you.

Whether you are a restaurant owner that needs blankets for those chilly outdoor evenings or a corporate that wants to use these blankets as a brand awareness tool. You cant go wrong with a warm polar fleece blanket.

The beauty of this specific promotional product is that it is been leveraged off the season change. We all know blankets will be used from April all the way till August so don't miss this perfect opportunity to use this promotional product to promote your brand or business. We all need fun ways to bring attention to our brands and this is just another way to achieve that necessity.

All business need to keep Promoting Promoting Promoting.

That brings me to my next point I have been highlighting this week.


This week I started off asking that hard question, have you promoted your business or brand this month? Its a question you as a business owner should be asking yourself every day not every month.. Business's don't just promote themselves you have to be actively finding new and innovating ways to promote your business, brand or product.

Now when I say promoting your business, it doesn't have to be this huge event. Events do work but most come with a cost that us small business don't have right now. So what's the next best thing, you may ask?. I'm talking about doing small consistent actions to bring awareness to your product or service.

I am a true believer in promotional products hence the reason why I sell them. promotional products can be used in an inexpensive way to achieve your promotional objectives. Let me give you an example of a scenario I had a few days ago using my own promotional product "the polar fleece blanket". I had just finished a uniform order for a café/restaurant in the CBD area and decided why not give him his own branded blanket as a gift for the uniform order, and of course bring attention to my own product on promotion this month. Well when I go there I presented the gift and loan behold his wife and him had been speaking about getting blankets for the winter. This was not only a good opportunity to bring awareness to my product but it was also an awesome opportunity for a conversation starter. I had to use this opportunity to chat more about my blankets, the branding options and price.

That is really the beauty of promotional products. They not only brand awareness tools but also conversational starters. What promotional product would you use for your next conversational starter?


Don't forget about our April promotional product "the polar fleece blanket". A perfect gift, brand awareness tool or conversational starter.

Keep your eyes on our new social media presence and let me know what you thought of this blog. Do you use promotional products? How do you promote your business or brand?

Kind Regards


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